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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. I am Tamae Inoue.

I started to learn Decorative Painting in 1996 in Japan. I wanted to paint various designs, so I learned painting with several teachers, but my teachers taught me different things, so I was confused as I was just beginner. Of course I bought many bottle paints. Because I thought that I could not paint without the paints as written in the book. I wanted to learn various styles. While learning Tole Painting, my children grew a little bit and I went back to the work of the pharmacist.

In 2000 I go back to Hiroshima and I joined David W Jansen MDA Seminar for the first time. When I took his seminar, I realized that Tole Painting is deeply innermost. I not only enjoyed painting, but also learned long histories and special theories of each styles.

Since David Jansen MDA is an awesome great teacher for me and I take his seminar every year.
Then, thanks to his support, I was able to become a Heritage Teacher in 2010.

Then I belonged to Heritage Team of Global Art Supply, as Heritage Ambassador of Japan. Then now I teach his great techniques as Heritage Designer and paint own design as artist.

I hope to tell you how to paint wonderfully with limited brushes and paints. Now, there are too many brushes and paints around us, I think that it is a little hard for beginners to start painting. “Paint It Simply” is awesome concept of painting. It is a high-quality hobby to paint with good quality paint” Heritage MultiMedia”. You can continue to enjoy until the age of 80, 90. I hope to show you the new technique I am learning with a limited number of high quality paints and brushes.

What I felt while I worked as a pharmacist is that if you live with pleasure, you will be able to live positively and healthy. Even those who are elderly and those who have a sickness will have greater awareness and improve their condition by having a good  fun purpose. Painting with our six color paints, you have to make many different colors, and you have to make a plan. Since I use my brain, I also think that it will help with dementia prevention. Even better things are mixed, so stress is relieved by getting out of the feeling of "mistakes if not the same as the teacher", feeling freedom. You can’t make exactly the same color, You do not have to have exactly the same color.

When I was in elementary school, I would have paint freely without worrying about anything. I think everyone is fine. I feel that I gradually improve the level, I hope you enjoy it. There is no age limit to start studying. People only have different time to understand and getting better.

What I've learned is hopefully to serve various people, such as those who are trying to start Decorative Painting, beginners, those who difficult to go to learning somewhere because no time and those who want to know various techniques .

Everyone else can do it!


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